The 5 rules for a successful denim to denim look

Posted by admin 08/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

Jeans trousers are one of the must-have to have every wardrobe regardless of season. Often, however, the trends promote different versions of denim pants and of course this fabric has used it to create many more clothes and accessories. The shirt and the jacket are the most popular and natural ones that have served to create the total denim look.

This is a trend that is almost never lacking in street style but there is a season that has its honor. One such thing is going on now and it's good to know some rules that make denim to denim look you stylish and not excessive.

- It combines 2 different shades but they do not make very strong contrast.

- Do not hesitate to accessorizing with impressive earrings and shoes for a more glam effect.
- Avoid combining pieces with the same shade or if you make it look like a costume or a complete set.
- Do not add denim accessories to a denim to denim outfit.
- Try to stick to the measure of how much denim fabric will have your outfit but also how exaggerated each piece is on its own. For example, do not combine a denim, ripped pants with a denim jacket with patchworks.
- For a little more inspiration, take a look at the above total denim street looks.